Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Honey

Made a new sweater for the little Miss, My Honey. Nice pattern, lovely details with the lace on top and the puffy arms. Needless to say she picked out the buttons herself - I might have gone for something a little more discrete myself.. :-)

Unfortunately this yarn is way too scratchy for Miss fancy-pants, and she probably won’t wear it.. This ended up going to a friend of the little Miss, another little four-year-old who didn’t seem to find it scratchy at all. Success!

The doll needed a new sweater too (of course..!) Used my own handspun again and did another Little Kina, this time in the smaller size for an about 35 cm high doll. Very nice pattern, very easy. And, according to my little Miss, the most perfect color ever.. ;-)

The little Miss went ice skating for the first time with her kindergarten class this winter, so she needed extra warm ice skating socks. I used a thick wool (blue) and then picked up stitches around the ankle and knit an inner sock (in white). Used alpaca for the inner double sock to make it extra warm.

As you know I dye a lot of yarn. The little Miss is always around and has a lot of comments about some of the color combinations I do. (If she got her way everything would be pink of course.. ;-) No frankly, her favorite colorway is the Inaya rainbow evolution. She had been bugging me for ages to make her something out of it so I finally used a test skein of the new fingering weight merino (which seems to be soft enough for her liking..) and made crazy bright, colorful legwarmers for her. Her new favorite!

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