Sunday, January 5, 2014

More shawls

For being a person who doesn't knit shawls, I've sure knit an awful lot of them this year..! ;-) First up I give you the Hogwarts Express shawl, with owls on it! The owls have beads for eyes, greyish blue 6/o Gutermann glass beads that I thought went really well with the yarn. The yarn is Fleece Artist Trail Socks in the Salt Sprey colorway. Perhaps not as soft as for instance Malabrigo sock, but lovely colors!

This shawl I've actually worn a couple of times. Amazing, I know! It's special also because I knit on it during the "Knitted Sweaters Aroung the Baltic Sea"-conference I attended in Viljandi, Estonia this summer. Such a great time we had! And I saw Nancy Bush.. total fan girl moment!!

The second one is the Cladonia shawl. Very nice pattern, loved the stripes, and the lace looks so beautiful. The cast off edge took FOREVER.. but overall a very nice project!

I used Sandnes Garn Mini Palett and I love the colors of that yarn. The slow color changes really work with this pattern. The white is ordinary Drops Alpaca, and I'm not overly impressed with my yarn choice, the alpaca is a little too “hairy” for me, especially knit with such a loose gauge. Might give this one away, we'll see. :-)

Third is the Revontuli shawl. Nice shawl, very nice pattern. Absolutely hated knitting with this yarn! Had to knit outside due to the smell of the yarn (mostly the spinning oil, not so much the lanolin, I think). It took me almost two years to finish this one, because I couldn’t bring myself to touch it. Yuck!

It softened up a lot after a bath with a lot (!) of Eucalan. I probably still can’t wear it. But it looks nice though.

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